Why Dolby?

Watch the videos below to find out what some of our people think about working at Dolby.


"Getting the right kind of feedback for my creative spirit, I think that's very valuable...and for that to happen, you need the opportunity, and you also need the right kind of audience. I think Dolby provides both." —Gopal

"What's really important is that we're aware of how our technology's being used, constantly be in touch with the creative community to make sure the technology is what they want, what they need." —Ioan

"I started in July 2001, and by September, I already had filed my first patent, although my job was not really to create new things. My job was to test things." —Christophe

"That cultural ability to really be riled up about new things, and be able to go and work on those and find people who are equally fired up to work with you on that, I think we've worked really hard to retain that." —John

"One of the key things about Dolby is that it's such an open and teamwork-focused environment. That's why we've done so well, because we're willing to share with each other and we're willing to listen to each other." —Jeff