Dolby Laboratories launches industry initiative Behind the Mix

Dolby Laboratories is launching a unique initiative in India to bring together key stakeholders in the content creation chain to highlight the role of sound in storytelling and its impact in the entertainment industry. Dolby Laboratories is collaborating with FutureWorks Media Limited, a leading post production service provider for this initiative. Called Behind the Mix, the initiative aims to become an industry platform for exchange of ideas and experiences amongst directors, sound designers, mixing engineers, editors, cinematographers and others involved in the content creation chain across cinema, broadcast, home video and digital media .

“Dolby works closely with the content creation industry to enhance the quality of the entertainment experience. To that end, we equip content creators with the tools to help create great content. With Behind the Mix, we are bringing together experts from around the industry to share their work, experiences and insights to fuel entertainment innovation in India and also work towards resolving key industry issues,” said Pankaj Kedia, Country Manager, Dolby Laboratories India.

Gaurav Gupta, CEO, FutureWorks said, “This is a unique initiative and we hope that this will go a long way in highlighting the role and significance of sound in the Indian entertainment industry. Dolby has helped content creators and sound engineers to realize and preserve their creative vision and to deliver content those immerse audiences in the story. For a premium entertainment experience, it is important for sound to be as impactful as the picture to create a compelling sensory experience.”

The first event under this initiative is taking place at FutureWorks, Mumbai on 8th July 2012, and will see directors, sound designers, mixing engineers and industry experts come together to highlight the importance of audio in storytelling.