The Dolby Institute

The Dolby® Institute will educate and inspire storytellers and artists in the effective use of technology as a creative tool. The Dolby Institute will also be a place where artists, scientists, and engineers can collaborate to develop the next generation of storytelling technologies.

We’ll focus initially on sound because that’s in the Dolby DNA. All too often, artists treat sound as an afterthought—something to be considered only once their film is shot, once the animation for their game has been produced, or once their app is developed. The Dolby Institute aims to remedy this by helping artists think critically about sound from the beginning of the creative process.

Over time, the Dolby Institute will develop educational programming aimed at a broad range of content creators, whether they are making a film, mixing the sound for a sporting event to enhance the drama for TV audiences, or designing a new mobile app. We will also create forums to bring artists and scientists together to discuss the future of entertainment and ways to put technological advances in the service of great storytelling.

Our goal: to improve the entertainment experience for everyone.

Check this space again for more details on the Dolby Institute in the coming months.