AC Timba Jazz Neurosis on Blu-ray with Dolby TrueHD

AC Timba Jazz is an award-winning jazz ensemble that carries on the amazing music of the late composer and percussionist Juan “Long John” Oliva. Most of the performers are native-born Cubans who have been making incredible music for many years.

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World-Class Musicians

Neurosis features Carlitos Del Puerto, Bryan Velasco, Joey De Leon, Javier Vergara, and Jimmy Branly.

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Juan “Long John” Oliva

Oliva established a new direction in Afro-Cuban jazz.

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AC Timba Jazz

Featuring full HD audio and video, the AC Timba Jazz project is a must-listen.

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AC Timba Jazz Neurosis on Blu-ray

There are only four songs on this disc, but combined they total almost 50 minutes! Each song offers a wide berth for each musician to explore the harmonic and melodic characteristics of the composition.

The solos are extended and involve tremendous virtuosity and energy. The interplay between Joey De Leon, the percussionist, and Jimmy Branly, the

drummer, is magical.

The bass performance by Carlitos Del Puerto is pitch-perfect and all over the instrument. You can tell by the smiles on their faces that these performers are enjoying every moment of the session.