The Borgias Season 2

Audio Lover’s Guide to The Borgias: The Second Season

Four Powerful and Emotional Moments as Selected by Rerecording Mixer Kirk Lynds

ʺListen for the sounds of the battle dying away as a defeated Juan runs into the forest, allowing the music to complement the visual impact of his cowardliness.ʺ
Kirk Lynds The Borgias Season 2
Season 2, Episode 7
Kirk Lynds, rerecording mixer


Sound rerecording mixer Kirk Lynds explains the depth and detail of sound available to you on the Blu-ray™ release of The Borgias: The Second Season. Experience the drama of Renaissance-era Rome in up to 7.1 channels of rich, high-definition surround sound with Dolby TrueHD.

"The Borgia Bull" (Episode 1, 45:55–47:03)
"Day of Ashes" (Episode 6, 14:13–16:18)
"The Siege at Forli" (Episode 7, 48:32–50:27) 
"The Confession" (Episode 10, 32:29–35:07) 

The Borgia Bull
Episode 1, 45:55–47:03

With the festival party in full swing, the pope makes his way through the crowd toward the large wicker bull. He is walking with his sons Cesare and Juan. In this scene we strived to maintain the loudness and intensity of the party while still allowing the audience to focus on the pope's dialogue.

Listen for:

Crowd sound and music in all channels to envelop the audience

Perspective shifts in the crowd and music to convey distance in the square

The use of the subchannel for up-close shots of the bull burning

The shaping of the audio to allow the pope's dialogue to come through

Day of Ashes
Episode 6, 14:13–16:18

Cardinal Sforza enters the cathedral to talk with Savonarola. This very simple scene is complemented by Foley and reverb in all channels to place the viewer inside the large space of the cathedral.

Listen for:

The reverb on the voices in all channels

The Foley footsteps of Cardinal Sforza as he walks toward the altar

The Siege at Forli
Episode 7, 48:32–50:27

Juan continues his siege of Forli only to be ambushed by the forces of Ludovico Sforza. Small hand cannons from the right signal the attack while arrows and cannons from Forli castle reign down on the papal forces. Juan attempts to get away on horseback, but an exploding cannon throws him from his horse, forcing him to run from the battle.

Listen for:

The unique sound of the hand cannons

Sounds of the initial attack starting from the right channel

Arrows and cannonballs whizzing by from the surround channels to the front

The sounds of the battle dying away as Juan runs into the forest, allowing the music to complement the visual impact of his cowardliness

The Confession
Episode 10, 32:29–35:07

Savonarola must face the test of fire or risk being branded a heretic. The scene builds with the fire’s intensity. The use of the surround channels and the sub conveys the fire all around Savonarola. The scene is also interesting from a sound perspective due to the intercutting of the pope reading in Rome. The scene builds to a crescendo of fire and music as Savonarola finally succumbs to the flames and burns.

Listen for:

Fire in selective channels to convey the distance and intensity of the blaze

The use of the sub on extreme close-up shots of the fire

The crowd building in all channels as it grows angry

About Kirk Lynds

Kirk Lynds is a rerecording mixer at Tattersall Sound & Picture in Toronto. Starting as a rerecording assistant, Kirk worked with leading mixers to learn his future trade. Kirk's additional experience recording ADR and Foley has provided him with an excellent knowledge base to draw upon throughout his mixing career. Over the years, Kirk has received a multitude of awards and nominations for sound (Genie Awards, Gemini Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Golden Reel Award) and most recently took home the newly minted Canadian Screen Award for Best Sound in a Dramatic Program for The Borgias. A complete credit list for Kirk can be found at