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The Battle Against Android Attackers Continues

Earth's heroes continue their brave battle against the Android attackers, but a far greater evil looms on the horizon.

Dragon Ball Z Kai: Part Six

As Goku hovers between life and death, the monster known as Cell blazes a trail of death and destruction while on a quest to achieve his horrifyingly perfect form.

Should the hideous creature succeed in devouring his Android brethren, not even the combined powers of a Super Saiyan and a Super Namekian will be enough to spare the people of Earth from excruciating extinction.


Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC

Video resolution: 1080p

Aspect ratio: 1.33:1

Dolby® TrueHD

50GB Blu-ray Disc™

Two-disc set

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Dolby TrueHD Benefits

Produces spectacular audio that's identical to the studio master

Takes full advantage of Blu-ray Disc capabilities, with 7.1-channel playback

Offers the ability to support more than 16 channels of audio

Makes connecting your home theater easy, with a single-cable HDMI™ audio and video digital connection

The Experience

With Dolby TrueHD, you'll experience a spacious soundstage, highly realistic effects, and unsurpassed dynamic range.

Dolby TrueHD delivers high-definition audio entertainment that complements the HD video performance with clear dialogue and an overall warm, surround-sound listening experience.

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