Emin: After the Thunder on Blu-ray with Dolby TrueHD

For Emin’s new 2012 album After the Thunder, Emin reteamed with Brian Rawling and his “wonder” songwriters to create a new album that's a mature, honest, and confident pop record.

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Produced by Brian Rawling

Rawling is the producer for stars Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston, and Lionel Richie.

Emin Blu-ray 1

Passion for Music

“Whatever I was doing in my life, I always dreamed of being a singer,” says Emin.

Emin Blu-ray 2

“Baby Get Higher”

The single was chosen as the title song for the UK football comedy film The Magnificent Eleven.

Emin Blu-ray 3

Emin: After the Thunder on Blu-ray

Featuring “Heart Keeps Beating” and the soaring feel-good track “Baby Get Higher,” Emin: After the Thunder is the perfect reintroduction to Emin. This album showcases a more self-assured, expressive singer whose charm and personality informs every moment of this new record—the result of a lifetime’s passion.

“We took our time and wrote more than 35 songs for the album,” said Emin. “It was so difficult to leave so many great songs off it, but our aim was perfection, and judging by the quality of songs that didn’t make the final cut, I think we must have got close!”