John Gorka: The Gypsy Life on Blu-ray with Dolby TrueHD

This award-winning AIX Records® release brings John Gorka together with Amilia K. Spicer (background vocals), Susan Werner (background vocals and piano), Russ Rentler (mandolin), and Michael Manring (electric bass) to perform a private concert. 


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Guitar and Vocals

Gorka's rich, natural baritone complements the introspective songs.
Don Heffington

Michael Manring on Bass

A leading solo bass player, Manring pushes the boundaries of the bass.
John Gorka - A Gypsy Life on Blu-ray

Russ Rentler on Mandolin

Rentler plays a myriad of instruments including guitar, bass, and mandolin.

John Gorka: The Gypsy Life on Blu-ray 

This award-winning AIX Records release is a Collectors' Edition version with extensive bonus features for true John Gorka fans.

Gorka's bandmates include standout artists such as bass virtuoso Michael Manring, NPR featured artist Susan Werner, and Amilia K. Spicer.

John's college friend and fellow musician Russ Rentler joins John on mandolin for this special occasion.