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Diabolical Fun with the Daring Duo

Packed with high-flying action and nonstop laughs, DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind featuring Dolby® TrueHD puts a whole new hilarious twist on the superhero movie. 

Super villain Megamind’s (Will Ferrell) dreams have come true when he captures the damsel in no distress (Tina Fey) and conquers the city’s protector Metro Man (Brad Pitt), gaining control of Metro City. But when a new villain (Jonah Hill) is created and chaos runs rampant, the world’s biggest “mind” and his comic sidekick Minion (David Cross) might actually be the ones to save the day. 

Exclusive Blu-ray Features

The Animators’ Corner

Trivia Track

Comic Creator

Behind the Mind

Meet the cast of Megamind

Inside Megamind’s Lair

Filmmakers’ commentary, and much more!

Megamind: The Button of Doom is available for a limited time only in a double DVD pack and in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. 

Dolby TrueHD for the Ultimate High-Definition Audio Experience

Dolby TrueHD is Dolby's new-generation lossless technology developed for high-definition entertainment. It delivers powerful sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the original studio master, unlocking the full entertainment experience on Blu-ray Disc™ and other HD media.

Dolby TrueHD Benefits

Takes full advantage of Blu-ray Disc capabilities, with 7.1-channel playback

Offers the ability to support more than 16 channels of audio

Makes connecting your home theater easy, with a single-cable HDMI® audio and video digital connection

When coupled with high-definition video, Dolby TrueHD offers an unprecedented home theater experience that lets you enjoy sound as stunning as the high-definition picture.

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