Mere Brother Ki Dulhan on Blu-ray with Dolby Digital 

In this Bollywood romantic comedy directed and written by Ali Abbas Zafar, a young man tries to arrange a marriage for his brother in London but finds himself falling in love with the chosen fiancée. See it now on Blu-ray™.


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Imran Khan

Actor Imran Khan is Aamir Khan’s nephew and the grandson of director-producer Nasir Hussain.

Katrina Kaif

British-born actress Katrina Kaif gives memorable performances in many Indian movies.

Ali Zafar

Pakistani musician, songwriter, singer, and actor Ali Zafar is well known for his music.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan 

Flirtatious Luv Agnihotri lives in London and asks his brother, Kush, in Bollywood to find him a wife. Kush finds Dimple Dixit but falls in love with her himself.

The fireworks begin when Dimple decides she prefers Kush and insists that he elope with her.


This romantic comedy comments on the social pressures of families and on children who play on their gullible parents’ hopes.