Pat Metheny: The Orchestrion Project 

The Orchestrion Project, a film by Pierre and François Lamoureux, features jazz guitarist Pat Metheny and an assemblage of specifically designed instruments, all controlled by Metheny's guitar.

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Pat Metheny on Guitar

Enjoy tracks from across Metheny’s prolific career, dating back to his solo album.

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Unique Musical Experience

Witness a unique collaboration between a master guitarist and his mechanically controlled mini-orchestra.

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Bonus Features

Four bonus tracks and more than an hour of additional material.

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The Story

Filmed by Grammy® and Emmy® Award–winning directors Pierre and François Lamoureux over a two-day period in November 2010 at the former St. Elias Church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, The Orchestrion Project showcases Metheny single-handedly operating this symphony of instruments in a remarkable treat for the senses.

The focus of the performance is the "Orchestrion Suite," a work written specifically for this combination and debuted on Metheny’s Orchestrion album released earlier in 2010.

Hear and watch several pianos, drum kits, marimbas, "guitar-bots," dozens of percussion instruments, and even cabinets of carefully tuned bottles as Metheny brings this contraption to life

with five new pieces written specifically for the Orchestrion.

Bonus Tracks:

Improvisation #1  

80/81 – Broadway Blues  

Tell Her You Saw Me  


Bonus Features:

The Making of The Orchestrion Project 


Original electronic press kit

Studio Session: “Orchestrion” 

Studio Session: “Expansion”