Satchurated Blu-ray with Dolby TrueHD

Satriani's Wormhole Tour in 3D on Blu-ray

Joe Satriani is one of the most famous, respected, and innovative guitar players in the world today.

He's the first artist to release a Dolby® Surround 7.1 concert film in 3D, now available on Blu-ray™ with 7.1-channel Dolby TrueHD lossless audio.

For this unique concert recording, microphones were carefully placed within the Métropolis concert hall in Montreal, and the use of the 7.1 surround palette enabled capture of  the entire essence of the concert event from the sound of the onstage instruments to the presence and dynamics of the venue.

The result is a dramatic 7.1 experience that translates beautifully for audiences that want to experience the film in Dolby TrueHD 7.1 surround sound at home.

Blu-ray Features

Plays on 3D and standard 2D Blu-ray players

Includes more than three hours of material

Includes two bonus rehearsal videos and the 43-minute unreleased featurette, "Inside the Wormhole"

Features 7.1-channel Dolby TrueHD lossless audio

Satchurated was filmed live on the Wormhole Tour in support of Satriani’s album Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards at the Métropolis in Montreal, Canada, on December 12, 2010, by award-winning filmmakers Pierre and François Lamoureux.

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Dolby TrueHD with Advanced 96k Upsampling

Dolby TrueHD is a 100 percent lossless audio format that ensures you’ll experience movies and music that are identical to the studio masters, soundstage mixes, or concert recordings.

Advanced 96k upsampling provides an enhanced Blu-ray listening experience for movies, music, and television programming originally captured in 48k.

Benefits of Dolby TrueHD

Reproduces 100 percent lossless audio that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master, so you hear the music, movie, or TV show just as its creators intended

Delivers up to 7.1-channel playback for the most realistic Blu-ray audio experience available from your home theater

Supports up to 16 discrete channels and offers expandability to accommodate more channels in the future

The Experience

Experience the full potential of Blu-ray audio in your living room with Dolby TrueHD.