South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season on Blu-ray

South Park's Notorious 14th Season Now on Blu-ray

Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny as they dive into social networking and finally reveal the secret identity of Mysterion in an epic saga.

All 14 episodes from South Park’s notorious 14th season are packed into this exclusive two-disc Blu-ray™ set, featuring Dolby® TrueHD.

South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season

Top that with some never-before-seen deleted scenes and a little crème fraîche, and you’ve got a collection that will leave you drooling. Shablagoo!!

Special Features

Mini-commentaries by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Never-before-seen deleted scenes

Bonus episode: number 1302, "The Coon"

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Dolby TrueHD Benefits

Takes full advantage of Blu-ray Disc capabilities, with up to 7.1 playback channels

Offers the ability to support more than 16 channels of audio

Makes connecting your home theater easy, with a single-cable HDMI® audio and video digital connection

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