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The Slave Who Rose to Lead a People

Revel in the deadly brutality of gladiator games and the decadent machinations of Roman society with the monumental Starz Originals series Spartacus: Blood and Sand—The Complete First Season, featuring Dolby® TrueHD.

The four-disc set on Blu-ray Disc™ contains all 13 episodes and hours of bonus features, including interviews, commentaries, and rare production footage exploring the series’ groundbreaking visual effects, production, and costume design.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

Audio commentaries

Featurettes      -Spartacus: Battle Royale
     -Gladiator Boot Camp
     -Grime and Punishment
     -Andy Gets Plastered
     -Legend Reimagined
     -Oh, Those Randy Romans
     -Shooting Green: The Shadow of Death
     -Exposing Your Ludus

Episodes with enhanced digital effects

Behind-the-scenes footage

Theatrical trailers

Four director's cut extended episodes

Continuous updates with movieIQ

Spartacus Historicus: Pop-Up History

For more information about Spartacus: Blood and Sand, visit the Starz website.

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The Experience

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