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Celebrating the Greatest Rock Concert in History

Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music, the four-hour director's cut of the 1970 Oscar® winning documentary covering the landmark music event that featured some of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll performers in history, is available as a 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Disc™ release.

The 40th Anniversary Edition contains two extra hours of rare performance footage, including some extraordinary newly discovered footage as well as pieces that were only partially aired before. Experience 18 new performances from 13 groups as never seen before, including performances by Joan Baez, Country Joe McDonald, Santana, and The Who, as well as five more who played at Woodstock but never appeared in any film version.

Woodstock 40th Anniversary Edition Jimi Hendrix ©1970 Barry Z. Levine

40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Contents

Film (director's cut)

The Museum at Bethel Woods: The Story of the Sixties & Woodstock

Woodstock: Untold Stories—18 performances as never seen before

Woodstock: From Festival to Feature—interviews with concertgoers, promoters, crew, and musicians detailing the sights and sounds of this historic three-day event

BD-Live™ features including Media Center, My WB Commentary, and Live Community Screening

Customize Your Own Woodstock Playlist feature, allowing you to customize your own personal jukebox playlist from the bonus performances

Visit the Woodstock website for more details.

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