Dragon's Dogma Game with Dolby Digital

Action Combat RPG for Dragon Slayers

Dragon’s Dogma™ is an exciting new franchise that redefines the action genre, from the team that produced some of Capcom’s greatest action games. Set in a huge open world, Dragon’s Dogma offers an exhilarating and fulfilling action combat game with the freedom to explore and interact in a rich, living-and-breathing world.


Highly stylized action combat—The creators of this game were responsible for the action hits Resident Evil® 4 and Devil May Cry® 4.

Fight with ability—The soul of combat comes down to how the game is played, where you strike the enemy, and how you react to their attacks.

Pawn them all—The pawn system offers flexible combat assistance with a main pawn companion that you can train throughout the game and two secondary pawns that can vary wildly to fit your combat style.

Help your friends, help yourself—To enhance your battle experience, share your main pawn with friends and others via Xbox® LIVE® or PlayStation® Network. Your pawn’s experience as a member of someone else’s game will be passed on to you in loot, knowledge of the open world, and strategies for taking down enemies. Or, you can choose one of the thousands of AI pawns included with the game.

Share with friendsDragon’s Dogma allows you to capture screen shots from anywhere in the game and share your gameplay experience via Facebook and Twitter. Players can also use this innovative feature to promote their main pawn, increasing the likelihood of it being rented and thereby gaining invaluable experience and items.

Accessible depth—With an unprecedented level of depth for the action genre, every decision has an effect on gameplay in an intuitive way that does not require micromanagement. The weight of your weapon, the material of your armor—even the length of your legs—plays a role in how you fight your battles, but does not interrupt the flow of the action.

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The Benefits of Dolby Digital

Dolby® Digital is the reigning standard in surround sound technology, found in thousands of cinemas and millions of homes worldwide.

Dragon's Dogma Game with Dolby Digital

Delivers a worldwide standard in surround sound

Enables up to 5.1-channel surround sound for an enveloping audio experience

Ensures excellent audio quality for any Dolby Digital soundtrack

You'll get the same great Dolby Digital audio quality no matter what you're watching—a video game, DVD or Blu-ray Disc™, TV programming, or downloaded content.

You can also find Dolby Digital technology in PCs and video game consoles.