Halo 4 with Dolby Digital

The Master Chief returns in Halo® 4 with long-time A.I. companion Cortana as they discover an ancient evil bent on vengeance and annihilation. Shipwrecked on a mysterious world, faced with new enemies and deadly technology... the universe will never be the same.

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Dolby Digital featured technology

Dolby® Digital is the established global standard for surround sound, delivering up to 5.1 channels of surround sound for an enveloping game experience.

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The Reclaimer Saga

Blockbuster entertainment heralding the return of the Master Chief in a darker, more personal story

The Halo Saga

Powerful and Riveting Campaign

A thrilling, action-packed adventure deep inside a mysterious new world

Powerful and Riveting Campaign

Halo Infinity Multiplayer

A new multiplayer experience that redefines the way you play with friends—competitively and cooperatively

New Multiplayer Experience

Halo 4 Story and Features

Four years after the end of the Covenant War, Cortana has awoken the legendary Master Chief within the battered and stranded remains of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn.

In front of them looms Requiem, a Forerunner world unlike any other, home to a power far greater than anything humanity has ever faced before. The Chief must now fight his way through enemies, both new and familiar, to uncover secrets one hundred thousand years old.

Halo 4 features a vastly expanded suite of new multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles, and armor abilities; a new loadout and player progression system; and a new armor modification system that introduces gameplay-enhancing customizations for the first time in a Halo game.

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