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Need for Speed™ World is the free online racing game featuring Dolby® Axon voice technology. Join a huge and growing community of over three million players worldwide, and play the number one racing franchise in a whole new way.

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Visit EA’s Need for Speed World to play.


Choose your own career path and play how you want with Powerups including Nitrous and Juggernaut.

Use Driver Skills to give yourself the edge in races and police pursuits.

Connect with your friends and use a variety of tools to share stats and rankings.

Customize and tune your vehicles with an endless combination of performance parts, paints, and liveries.

Become a car collector and expand your garage with constant car list updates.

Dolby Axon: Better Voice—Better Game

Dolby Axon is the future of voice communication within online games and virtual worlds. Expanded game-play possibilities allow you to:

Experience clear, high-quality voice chat without noise, echoing, or clipping

Talk hands-free

Coordinate with your group to organize objectives and let others know where you are

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Dolby Axon is easy to use and provides you with important tactical advantages over the competition.

And as an in-game voice chat, Dolby Axon doesn’t require you to set up a separate application. It’s easy to get started and there’s less drain on your bandwidth.