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SaraswatiChandra is a stirring love story of two soulmates, who are denied the joy of becoming one by destiny and tradition. Yet, whenever they try to distance themselves, their paths keep crossing by fate.

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Instant attraction

Episode 2: Kumud sees Saraswatichandra’s half finished image & feels drawn towards him.

SaraswatiChandra’s decision

Episode 3: How would Kumud’s respond to Saraswatichandra’s rejection letter?

Kumud’s challenge

Episode 5: Will SaraswatiChandra accept Kumud’s challenge & come to Gujarat?


This is the story of Saraswatichandra, a highly educated and charismatic young man, who lives his life based on his instincts and intellect; yet deep down all he craves for is love.

This is also the story of Kumud, a beautiful and enchanting young girl who lives life on her terms and then comes to terms with life. This strong-willed girl counters all the challenges of life solely with the strength of her character and the values learnt from her mother.

It’s a classic tale of love and heartache, pride and prejudice, of yearning and longing and of destiny always having the last laugh.

Produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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Mon – Fri 7:30pm on Star Plus