Astro Gaming A30

Astro A30 Cross-Gaming Headset

The Astro A30 Cross-Gaming Headset featuring Dolby® Headphone surround sound technology gives you the freedom to move across a variety of devices for a variety of purposes. Whether it's gaming, listening to music, or talking on your phone, the A30 does it all.

The sleek, portable A30 comes with three audio cables that connect easily to a variety of mobile devices, gaming consoles, and PCs. Similar to Astro's A40 Pro Headset, the A30 is fully compatible with the award-winning Dolby 5.1-powered Astro MixAmp™.

The professional-grade A30 also features dual microphones (boom and in-line mic) for flexible setup and multiple device support. The A30 is available in white and black, with the option of either Astro or magnetic speaker tags for customizing your experience.


Frequency response boosted at lower and upper ends for rich bass and thrilling highs

Dual-mic system: removable boom mic and in-line mic

Comfortable, lightweight on-ear cushion design

Interchangeable speaker tags

Ballistic nylon travel case

Astro QD system for multiple setups

Astro MixAmp-compatible

Ships with three audio cables for mobile, PC, and gaming consoles

Visit the Astro Gaming website for details on the A30 Cross-Gaming Headset.

About Dolby Headphone

Dolby Headphone technology lets you hear every window smash, feel every explosion, and experience every wipeout as if it's really happening.

Astro Gaming A30

Dolby Headphone

Enables realistic 7.1 surround sound 

Lets you listen in comfort longer

Delivers great surround sound from games, music, and movies

Dolby Headphone gives you a competitive advantage, allowing you to better pinpoint enemies and obstacles that aren't even onscreen. 

It also improves listening comfort, preventing the "listener fatigue" that often accompanies the typical headphone experience.

Learn more about Dolby Headphone or how it works.