Astro Gaming A40

Everything You Need to Game Like a Pro

The Astro A40 Audio System combines crystal-clear voice communication with pinpoint-accurate Dolby® Digital 7.1 and Dolby Headphone surround sound technologies utilizing the most user-configurable headset on the market.

The A40 Audio System includes the external A40 MixAmp™, providing PlayStation®3, Xbox®, and Xbox 360™ users with combined voice and game sound—ideal for tournament play and midnight gaming sessions. A discrete game/voice balance control lets gamers find the ideal in-game setting.

PC gamers also benefit, as surround decoding and voice communication duties are offloaded to the A40 system. Combining multiple A40 MixAmps provides a private, hands-free, full-duplex voice communication channel of a much higher quality than VoIP systems, with zero network and system lag.


User-configurable microphone boom attaches to either side of the headset or removes completely

Quick-disconnect cable and multiple ends: an A40 MixAmp cable and a standard dual-jack PC connector with in-line volume and mute control

Daisy-chain connector for A40 MixAmps

3.5 mm mini-stereo connector cable with a 1/4-inch adapter

To learn more, visit the Astro Gaming website for details on the A40 Audio System.

About Dolby Headphone

Dolby Headphone technology lets you hear every window smash, feel every explosion, and experience every wipeout as if it's really happening.

Astro Gaming A40

Dolby Headphone

Enables realistic 7.1 surround sound

Lets you listen in comfort longer

Delivers great surround sound from games, music, and movies

Dolby Headphone gives you a competitive advantage, allowing you to better pinpoint enemies and obstacles that aren't even onscreen. 

It also improves listening comfort, preventing the "listener fatigue" that often accompanies the typical headphone experience.

Learn more about Dolby Headphone or how it works.