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GefenTV Volcont-D Volume Stabilizer

Watch movies and TV programs without having to adjust the volume settings using the GefenTV Volcont-D Volume Stabilizer. Just connect the Volcont-D from your cable box to your TV, and your volume settings stay the same, no matter what you're watching.

If you own an A/V receiver that's not equipped with Dolby® Volume, the Gefen TV Volcont-D Volume Stabilizer is an ideal solution for eliminating volume fluctuations from a connected cable box or digital media adapter.

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Accepts and outputs two-channel analog audio

Coaxial and optical digital audio inputs decode Dolby Digital bitstreams

Boosts low- and high-frequency content dynamically

Delivers the dynamics of a full-range audio experience at any volume level

Bypass mode permits audio to pass through unchanged

Visit the Gefen website for more details on the GefenTV Volume Stabilizer.

About Dolby Volume

Dolby® Volume is an advanced digital signal processing technology for controlling playback volume. It evens out the volume level on everything you watch, greatly improving your listening experience.

Dolby Volume Benefits

Set the volume where you want it, then listen without sudden, distracting changes.

Hear natural, clear, and consistent sound at any chosen volume.

Customize the settings to suit your preferences and listening conditions.

Enjoy the full effects of surround sound, even at low volume levels.

Learn more about Dolby Volume, and be sure to check out the interactive demo.

Learn how Dolby Volume works.

Experience the Dolby Volume demo.