Harman Kardon AVR 2600 featuring Dolby Volume

7.1-Channel A/V Receiver

The Harman Kardon® AVR 2600 delivers affordable quality and performance for anyone looking to add high-quality audio to high-definition video sources with the ease and simplicity of HDMI™ connectivity. Home theater enthusiasts will enjoy access to the most advanced audio decoding technologies, Dolby® Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD, and the sonic benefits of Dolby Volume, as well as high-quality Faroudja DCDi Cinema® video processing.

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Dolby Volume technology

Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus decoding

HDMI repeater with 1080p upscaling

Faroudja DCDi Cinema video processing

EzSet/EQ™ equalization

The Bridge III docking station for iPod® and iPhone® control and charging

HDTV ready

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About Dolby Volume

Dolby® Volume is an advanced digital signal processing technology for controlling playback volume. It evens out the volume level on everything you watch, greatly improving your listening experience.

Dolby Volume Benefits

Set the volume where you want it, then listen without sudden, distracting changes.

Hear natural, clear, and consistent sound at any chosen volume.

Customize the settings to suit your preferences and listening conditions.

Enjoy the full effects of surround sound, even at low volume levels.

Learn more about Dolby Volume, and be sure to check out the interactive demo.

Learn how Dolby Volume works.

Experience the Dolby Volume demo.