Denon DBP-2012 UD Universal AV Player with Dolby TrueHD

The Denon® DBP-2012 UD is a powerful media player for Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD, PC audio files, and YouTube™ and Netflix® movies. It provides a powerful, clear sonic experience and high-definition video.


Dolby TrueHD Featured Technology

Experience the full potential of movies, music, and TV shows with Dolby® TrueHD, a lossless audio format with 7.1 channels of high-definition surround sound.

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Universal Disc Playback

Play high-definition Blu-ray™, DVD, DVD-Audio, and Super Audio CD formats.

Blu-ray 3D

Watch the latest 3D movies on Blu-ray 3D™ Discs.

State-of-the-art Audio Decoding

Multichannel content is automatically mixed down to high-resolution analog stereo output.

Denon DBP-2012 UD Universal Audio/Video Player

The network-ready Denon DBP-2012 offers seamless compatibility with Blu-ray content, supporting full HD video and 3D with HDMI® 1.4a output and DLNA® 1.0 certification.

The menu display allows you to easily operate the system.


Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-Audio, and SACD

Streaming from Netflix and YouTube

Front-panel USB port for photos, audio, and video