Ep.8 - Installing Your Home Theatre (Part 1)

    This episode focusses on various aspects of installing a Home Theater and setting up the acoustics of your room.

    Ep. 7: Surround Sound on HD Set Top Box

    Now just because you have an HD TV connected to an HD Set Top Box doesn't mean that you are get the complete HD experience. When you connect your HD STB to a Dolby-enabled Home Theater System, you get a completely different and highly enhanced entertainment experience.

    Ep. 6: Surround Sound Decoded

    In this episode, we talk about the basics, history and dynamics of surround sound – the flag bearer of Dolby Laboratories.

    Ep. 5: Home Theatre In A Box & Soundbars

    This episode focuses on home theater boxes and Soundbars & helps you decide which one suits your living room and budget.

    Ep. 4: Choosing and buying a home theater

    This episode focuses on understanding your living room and choosing theright home theater for it, while sticking to you budget

    Ep.3: Elements of a Home Theater

    This episode of Cinema@Home focusses on the elements of a Home Theater system. To own a Home Theater, one should know its components and constituents. 

    Ep. 2: Types of Home Theater

    Continuing in our discussion about home theaters, in the second episode of Cinema@Home, we focus on the types of Home Theaters. Watching this episode, you can decide which Home Theater would be perfect for your living room.

    Ep. 1: Home Theater Basics

    In the first episode, we focus on the fundamentals of home theater systems - what they are and why should one invest in them.

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