HTIB (Home-Theater-in-a-Box) Systems with Dolby Technologies

Transform your living room into a real home theater with incredible surround sound from a home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB) system featuring Dolby® technologies.

Dolby technologies are in many more products than are shown on this page. These listings are not recommendations or ratings of specific products.

Philips HTS4750

Philips 4750

Combines style & performance for lovely sights & sounds.

Sony DAV-DZ840K

Sony DAV DZ840K

Visually stunning, sonically powerful – truly the future.

Sony BDV-N990

Sony BDV N990

Experience true cinema feel & wide surround sound.

Yamaha YHT-298

YamahaYHT 298

Automatically adjusts speakers to room acoustics.

Philips HTS5540/94 5.1

Philips HTS5540

True, rich, realistic sound evenly distributed across any room.

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