Sony WHG-SLK20D Soundbar with Dolby Digital

Enjoy the satisfying timbre and clarity of sound produced from this 90 watt wall-mountable micro hi-fi system with Dolby® Digital technology.


Dolby Digital featured technology

Dolby Digital provides rich, enveloping sound that adds impact and realism both at the movies and in your home theater.

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Touch Interface

The touch interface provides easy access to custom sound controls.


The system supports playback of all DivX® videos.

SD Card and USB Slots

The unit includes a CD/DVD player, and SD and USB card slots.

Sony WHG-SLK20D Soundbar

The SLK20D Micro Hi-Fi System offers superior sound quality in a slim, sleek, wall-mountable form ideal for smaller rooms.

Dolby Digital technology provides high-quality audio to enhance your listening experience.


LCD panel for easy control

Connectivity options include CD/DVD player and SD and USB slots

3.5 mm headphone jack for enjoying movies and music late at night