Lenovo ThinkPad W530 with Dolby Home Theater v4

Packed with strong laptop performance, the Lenovo® ThinkPad® W530 is an independent software vendor (ISV)-certified workstation for those who require extreme processor and graphic performance combined with mobility.


Dolby Home Theater v4

Dolby® Home Theater® v4 is a suite of technologies that deliver a cinematic surround sound experience on your laptop with crisp, clear PC audio.

Discover Dolby Home Theater v4

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ISV-Certified Workstation for Extreme Processing

Ideal for designers who need a bright, clear, and colorful screen that shows true color consistency.
Lenovo ThinkPad Video Performance

Power, Performance, Productivity

Nvidia® Quadro® mobile graphics processors with Optimus™ power management.
Lenovo ThinkPad High Data Speed

Full HD, 270-Nit Wide-Viewing Angle Display

Meets GPU requirements with 95 percent color gamut and built-in color calibrator.
Lenovo ThinkPad Boots Faster

Lenovo ThinkPad W530 Benefits and Specifications


Offers bright, clear, colorful display with true color consistency

Extends system’s battery life

Features Dolby Home Theater v4 for optimal audio experience

Makes typing experience more comfortable

Connects up to four additional displays when paired with the dock

Includes CAD/CAM, GIS, and 3D modeling applications right out of the box


Full high definition (FHD), 270 nits, 95% color gamut, wide viewing angle display

X-Rite® integrated color calibrator

Nvidia Quadro K1000M and K2000M 2 GB with Optimus

Intel® third-generation processor

DisplayPort 1.2 ready