Dolby Axon Desktop Client featuring Dolby Axon

Stand-Alone Voice Chat

When you want complete control over your voice chat, you need a stand-alone chat client. The Dolby® Axon desktop client gives you that control in a powerfully simple user interface. If you don’t like in-game voice chat or if your favorite games just don’t do it well, check out the Dolby Axon desktop client.


High-quality sound: Our audio researchers reached deep into their bag of tricks to make Dolby Axon sound incredible. We’ve included noise reduction, auto dialogue leveling, echo cancellation, and clipping detection, just to name a few.

Simple user interface: No more fumbling around with complex interfaces—the Dolby Axon desktop client is based around a friend list. We all know how to use one of those.

Complete control: No more leaked passwords and uninvited guests. The friend list approach of Dolby Axon means that you have complete control over your chat. Only people that you invite can join.

Organize your clan: The powerful features in Dolby Axon make it easy to organize your friends and guildmates. Use the friend list and groups to keep tabs on everyone.

Light on its feet: Dolby Axon sets a new benchmark for crystal clear audio quality on a low-bandwidth diet.

Surround Sound Voice Chat for Gamers

Get ready for more exciting game play—and a strategic advantage.

Dolby Axon Desktop Client

Developed from the ground up specifically for games and gamers, Dolby Axon is the latest in voice chat technology. Dolby Axon transforms game play, improving voice quality and adding new features so that voice chat can finally match the visual experience in the latest games. Our free desktop client lets you set up chat rooms for your friends. Incorporated into a game, Dolby Axon maps voices to the action. 

Once you’ve tried Dolby Axon, there’s no going back.

Dolby Axon Benefits

Improves voice experience for faster, more efficient communication

Provides a clear voice experience, free of unwanted noise and clipping

Desktop client makes chat easy to use and lightweight, so you can focus on the game

In-game integration maps voices to the game environment for added realism