Home Theater Setup

Get the most from your home theater setup, including your flat-panel high-definition TV (HDTV)—discover the magic that a home theater system brings to all your video entertainment. Learn where to start, what you’ll need, and how to choose your equipment to get the best sound within your budget.

Essentially, a home theater system recreates the cinematic experience. You’ll need:

At least 5.1 channels of surround sound

The biggest HDTV display you can manage

A broadband Internet connection

We’ll cover it all.

home theater setup

Planning Your Home Theater

Before you buy, target the best equipment for your space, your entertainment choices, and your budget.

home theater setup

Creating Home Theater Surround Sound

Learn how to create a surround sound experience in your living room.

home theater setup

Streaming, Online, and Broadcast Programs

Decide what you'll need for cable or satellite TV, streaming, computers, games, and music.

home theater setup

Choosing the Right TV

Explore the choices in plasma or LCD TV displays, screen sizes, 3D, and connectors, including HDMI®.

home theater setup

Setting Up Your Home Theater

Learn about room acoustics, cables, furniture, stands, and more.