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Connect Your PC to a Home Theater

We make it easy to connect your computer to your home theater system.

How you connect your PC to your home theater system will depend on your PC's audio output capabilities. PC audio output is either handled by a soundcard or through a motherboard with integrated audio capabilities. Both support either stereo outputs or multichannel outputs.

Multichannel Outputs

If your PC supports multichannel audio output, it will have a S/PDIF (digital) output and/or six analog outputs to connect it to your home theater or multichannel speaker system.

If you have the choice, connect using the digital output rather than the analog. Analog cables tend to pick up more noise and may also cause more high-frequency loss. Newer home theater systems and multichannel PC speaker systems have digital inputs and can be connected directly to the PC's digital multichannel outputs.

Stereo Outputs

If your PC only supports stereo output, you will probably need to upgrade with an external or internal multichannel soundcard. Some PCs with only stereo outputs also have an optical S/PDIF output, which allows a connection, but the sound will remain in stereo.

Connect Your PC to a Home Theater diagram