Dolby Digital Plus in Applications

Expand Software Capabilities

Dolby® Digital Plus expands the audio capabilities of applications to enable clear, immersive surround sound. You’ll enjoy better movie and music playback, and you can add a professional touch to the soundtracks of your personal videos.

Dolby Digital Plus Experience   


Play back the best sound from premium movies and TV shows.

Create and edit your own high-quality videos, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs™.

More and Better Surround Sound

Dolby Digital Plus lets you take full advantage of the surround sound from Blu-ray™ and DVD playback applications and online streaming services through built-in speakers, external speakers, and headphones.

Tap into Your Inner Director

Using software with Dolby Digital Plus, you can create and edit videos and burn discs with professional-quality sound.

Dolby Digital Plus Codecs

Dolby Codecs
Bring your content to life with a richer, cinematic audio experience.

Dolby Digital Plus CineX

CineXPlayer lets you watch your Xvid movies from anywhere.

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