Dolby Digital Plus in Movies and TV Shows

Lose Yourself in the Stories

Dolby® Digital Plus powers the vast and growing library of movies, TV shows, and live events available from broadcast and online services. Dolby Digital Plus gives you the key to unlock the best audio experience these shows can offer.

Dolby Digital Plus Experience   


Recreates the authentic surround sound experience for your movies

Delivers clear dialogue to help you follow the plot and fully engage in the story

Brings consistently high-quality audio to your home theater

Feel the Story

Surround sound adds realism and impact to the story as the creator envisioned. Only Dolby Digital Plus can bring out the full studio audio mix, so you get a more authentic—and more involving—experience.

Follow the Plot

Dramatic effects are great, but if the dialogue is muffled, you’ll miss what’s really going on. Dolby Digital Plus ensures that the dialogue comes through clearly, even when it’s a whisper in the midst of onscreen chaos.

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