Dolby Digital Plus on the Go

Tablets, Smartphones, and Laptops Sound Their Best

Dolby® Digital Plus™ gives mobile devices better sound than you’d ever expect, so you can enjoy the best possible entertainment experience wherever you go.

Dolby Digital Plus Experience


Get the best audio experience from headphones or built-in speakers.

Enjoy clearer dialogue that lets you hear every word.

Experience consistent volume levels for all of your music, movies, and games.

Connect your devices easily to your home theater for authentic surround sound.

Download or stream files faster and more reliably.

Mobile Device Features

Audio Optimizer

Dolby Digital Plus Audio Optimizer

Improves the frequency response of the device’s built-in speakers, so content sounds truer to the way its creator meant it to be heard.

Audio Regulator

Dolby Digital Plus Audio Regulator

Eliminates noise caused by the combination of overdriven speakers and amplifiers.

Dolby Digital Plus Pass-Through

Dolby Digital Plus Pass-Through

Allows direct home theater connections for a full multichannel experience from mobile devices.

Surround Virtualizer

Dolby Digital Plus Surround Virtualizer

Creates a surround sound experience through headphones or built-in speakers.

Dialogue Enhancer

Dolby Digital Plus Dialog Enhancer

Ensures that every word is heard.

Volume Leveler

Dolby Digital Plus Volume Leveler

Maintains constant volume across all content and applications.

Volume Maximizer

Dolby Digital Plus Volume Maximizer

Boosts the audio signal so you can get the most out of your built-in speakers.

Bigger, Richer Sound from Small Speakers and Headphones

Even on the smallest speakers or on headphones, you’ll hear the story in depth. Dolby engineers tune each device model to bring out its best audio performance.

Hear Every Word

Dolby Digital Plus delivers clear dialogue and always balances it properly with music and effects. The words won’t get lost in the mix, so movies and shows retain their storytelling power wherever you watch them.

Connect to Your Home Theater

Dolby Digital Plus lets you hook up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your home theater equipment wirelessly or via HDMI®. Then you can stream your favorite shows and music from your phone and hear them in full surround sound over your home system.

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