Dolby Digital Plus in Streaming Services

Stream Your Shows in Surround Sound—Anywhere

Leading online and streaming services choose Dolby® Digital Plus for their premium offerings. You get the best possible sound wherever you watch, with a mix perfectly tailored to your listening device at home or on the go.

Dolby Digital Plus Experience   


Compelling surround sound completely involves you.

Clearer dialogue means you always hear the whole story.

Playback reliability eliminates dropouts and stuttering.

No unexpected changes in volume distract you from the experience.

Sound Quality Without Compromise

With Dolby Digital Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for convenience. It automatically adapts to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to give you the essence of the performance.

Words Tell the Story

Count on clear dialogue. Only Dolby Digital Plus perfectly balances dialogue, music, and effects wherever and however you’re listening.

Stream Uninterrupted

Streaming and downloaded shows not only sound better in Dolby Digital Plus—they’re more reliable. You’ll get a seamless listening experience without annoying dropouts and stuttering.


Dolby Digital Plus CinemaNow

View classic movies, TV seasons, and next-day TV shows.

Dolby Digital Plus VUDU

Access a vast library of movies and TV titles, all from your HDTV.

Dolby Digital Plus Netflix

Get streaming with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.


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