Dolby Headphone Surround Sound

Dolby Headphone for up to 7.1 Channels of Headphone Surround Sound

Dolby® Headphone is a revolutionary signal processing technology that delivers up to 7.1-channel surround sound over any pair of headphones for richer, more spacious headphone audio.

Dolby Headphone accurately creates the sensation of up to five loudspeakers in a room by using powerful digital signal processing (DSP) technology. The result is a more vibrant and natural listening experience.

Improved Headphone Surround Sound from Dolby

Obtain realistic multichannel surround sound from any set of headphones—up to 7.1 channels with some products.

Listen in comfort longer.

Get superb headphone surround sound from stereo music and movies.

Experience a new level of excitement in movies and video games.

Enhanced Headphone Audio for Nearly Any Device

Dolby Headphone can be included in almost any device that can process stereo or multichannel audio and has a headphone output.

Manufacturers worldwide are building Dolby Headphone into PCs, A/V receivers, headsets, and more. When you see the Dolby Headphone logo, you know you’re on your way to an unforgettable personal surround sound experience.

Are you a Dolby licensee or looking for more technical details? Learn more about Dolby Headphone.

How Dolby Improves Headphone Audio

With Dolby Headphone you’ll be surrounded by sound that’s so realistic, you’ll feel you’re at the center of the action.

It’s an astonishing acoustic illusion, and here’s how it works: when you listen to entertainment through your stereo or home theater system’s speakers, your ears receive sound directly from each speaker and from multiple reflections of the sound on the room’s surfaces and furnishings.

Using powerful digital signal processing technology, Dolby Headphone recreates this audio experience, producing the sonic signature of a speaker system properly placed in a carefully defined acoustic environment. The result is a spacious audio landscape with you at the center.

Dolby Headphone

This natural soundfield eliminates the overloaded sensation that comes from wearing headphones for too long and allows you to listen in privacy for hours longer.

Dolby Headphone Technical Features

Compatible with native 5.1-channel content

Transforms two-channel (stereo) content into surround sound when combined with Dolby Pro Logic® II

Delivers 7.1-channel surround experience from content preprocessed with Dolby Pro Logic IIz

Featured Products with Dolby Headphone

To help give you an idea of what’s out there, we feature some selected products from our partners. You’ll find Dolby Headphone in A/V receivers, PCs, mobile devices, and many more products than we can show here.

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A/V Receivers

Proficient M80


Plantronics GameCom 780
Turtle Beach® PX5 Headset
Tritton® AX720 Gaming Headset
Astro Gaming A40 Gaming Headset