Dolby Pro Logic II Details

Dolby Pro Logic II Details

Transforms Stereo into Surround Sound

All-Around Better Sound

You've got a great collection of two-channel (stereo) movies, and a lot of your video games and music include stereo sound. They sound good, but they would certainly sound better in surround. Dolby® Pro Logic® II technology makes that possible, converting high-quality stereo content into compelling five-channel surround sound.

With Dolby Pro Logic II technology, when you put on your favorite stereo TV show, video game, or CD, you'll actually feel like there are speakers placed all around you. Dolby Pro Logic II creates this sensation by using hidden audio cues that already exist in the stereo content to create realistic surround sound. As a result, you'll be immersed in five full-range audio channels—Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, and Right Surround—from your favorite stereo programming.

And if you're a PlayStation® 2 or Wii™ owner, you're probably already enjoying great Dolby surround sound, because each of these devices includes Dolby Pro Logic II, as do the majority of available game titles.

Better Than the Original

Dolby Pro Logic II makes every high-quality stereo soundtrack sound even better. Our engineers will tell you that's because Dolby Pro Logic II includes advanced steering logic for optimal channel separation and an incredibly stable soundfield. In plain English, let's just say that it means you'll experience more expansive sound—sound that fills your listening environment and immerses you in your entertainment. As a result, TV and movie special effects pack more of a punch than ever before. Your music dazzles you with concert-quality sound. And you experience an incredible sense of realism when you play video games.

You'll find Dolby Pro Logic II in just about every home theater system, as well as personal computers, game consoles, and multichannel in-car audio systems. Just look for the Dolby Pro Logic II logo. Then get ready to wrap yourself in unforgettable surround sound.

Want to Learn More About Dolby Pro Logic II?

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