Dolby Pro Logic IIx Details

Dolby Pro Logic IIx Details

Make the Move Up to 7.1-Channel Enhanced Surround Sound

More Channels, More Natural Sound

Surround sound has come a long way, thanks to Dolby. Now Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx technology lets you take your listening environment to the next level by expanding your two-channel (stereo) or 5.1-channel audio to 6.1- or 7.1-channel playback. Dolby Pro Logic IIx also extends Dolby Pro Logic's sophisticated technology for the smoothest surround sound experience possible. You'll be immersed in seamless, natural sound effects, and you'll experience surround sound so stunningly realistic that you may never go back to fewer channels.

Tailored Listening Modes

How do you get the most out of the different sound experiences that movies, music, and games offer? It's easy with Dolby Pro Logic IIx, because three listening modes—Movie, Music, or Game—adjust the audio so you enjoy the best possible sound no matter what entertainment you choose.

In Movie mode you're enveloped in surround sound that is reproduced as the director intended every time. That's because Movie mode decodes movie soundtracks with the same audio mixing format that's used to encode most movie surround soundtracks. So your movies will be more engaging than ever before, with incredibly realistic special effects, and dialogue that's clear as a bell.

Game mode adds incredible drama and impact to your video games by reproducing full-range special effects to your surround channels. What you'll experience is a sense of being right in the action, with explosive effects bursting all around you, and an entirely new level of realism.

Total Control of Your Music

Music mode elevates your audio experience by delivering a natural and balanced surround soundfield with content that wasn't specifically encoded for surround playback. As a result, your stereo music and movies deliver all of the drama of true surround sound.

Music mode has the added feature of allowing you to adjust the audio for your specific preferences and environment with three additional user controls:

Dolby Center Width lets you control the balance of the main vocals in the center and front channels for more natural sound.

Dolby Panorama creates a seamless, wraparound surround effect.

Dolby Dimension lets you adjust for a deeper or shallower surround soundfield depending on the size of your listening environment.

Add it all up, and Dolby Pro Logic IIx is the surround sound enhancement you just have to own.

Want to Learn More About Dolby Pro Logic IIx?

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