Dolby Pro Logic IIz Details

Dolby Pro Logic IIz Details

Elevating Surround Sound to New Heights

A Lifelike Soundstage

Dolby Pro Logic IIz 7.1Conventional 5.1- and 7.1-channel surround sound systems deliver a horizontal soundfield—sound is directed at you from only one vertical plane. Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz takes surround to the next level by adding front height channels—an additional pair of speakers positioned above the front left and right speaker. What that means for you is a surround sound experience with incredible depth and dimension.

Most surround sound solutions use digital signal processing (DSP) to artificially model listening environments. Expanding on proven Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology, Dolby Pro Logic IIz stands apart by identifying and decoding spatial cues that occur naturally in all content—stereo and 5.1 broadcast, music CDs, DVDs, 5.1- and 7.1-channel Blu-ray Discs, and video games. It then processes ambient sound and certain amorphous effects such as rain or wind and directs them to the front height speakers.

Movie and game producers can even mix specific height channels into a soundtrack, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz will faithfully reproduce the vertical placement of those sounds. That means you’ll hear lifelike sound that comes at you from varying heights, compelling you to follow the action with your eyes and ears—above, below, and all around you—precisely as the producers intended.

Add it all up and the result is an incredibly spacious vertical soundfield that immerses you in richly detailed Dolby surround sound.

Flexibility Is Built In

By expanding the soundfield vertically Dolby Pro Logic IIz lets you create a 7.1-channel playback system from your 5.1 surround system, or a 9.1 system from your 7.1-channel setup. Dolby Pro Logic IIz even makes speaker positioning and wiring simple. And if it’s not practical to add rear surround speakers in your environment, Dolby Pro Logic IIz still lets you enjoy incredibly realistic surround sound.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz 9.1How flexible is Dolby Pro Logic IIz? If you already have a 5.1-channel system and buy a new 7.1 audio/video receiver with Dolby Pro Logic IIz, you can put the two additional speakers above your left and right front speakers for 7.1 height, or at the back for a traditional 7.1 setup. Or you can stay with 5.1 channels and use the extra amplifier channels for stereo speakers in another room. With a 9.1-channel setup, you have even more choices, including state-of-the-art 9.1 playback with both surround and back speakers and two front height speakers.

With Dolby Pro Logic IIz you’ll have the flexibility to experience startlingly realistic surround sound no matter how challenging your listening environment may be.

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