Dolby Virtual Speaker Details

Dolby Virtual Speaker Details

Realistic Surround Sound from Two Speakers

Stereo Is Transformed

Two-speaker stereo sound has always been limited to just that—stereo. Two speakers, two channels. Now Dolby® Virtual Speaker changes all that by simulating an incredibly realistic 5.1-speaker surround sound listening environment from as few as two stereo speakers. So whether your content source is two-channel stereo or true 5.1-channel audio, you’ll be immersed in rich, engaging Dolby surround sound. Your movies, TV shows, and music will sound better than ever.

Dolby Virtual Speaker’s highly sophisticated audio virtualization technology, which includes advanced algorithms and room modeling capabilities, duplicates complex sonic signatures—including reflections—that naturally occur in a 5.1-channel surround sound environment. What that means for you is surround sound that makes you feel like your living room, bedroom, or dorm is your own virtual home theater.

Two Listening Modes

Dolby Virtual Speaker gives you two surround listening options—Wide mode and Reference mode—so you can choose the setting that gives you the best possible audio in your unique environment. For Wide mode, you will actually sense that the speakers are farther apart than they really are; it is great for small spaces. In Reference mode, the front sound-image width is the same as the distance between the two speakers, so it’s perfect if you have a more spacious environment. Whichever mode you choose, you’ll experience the same convincingly realistic five-speaker surround sound.

Listen Longer on All Your Devices

Some surround sound virtualization systems give you a sense of being overloaded by sound after listening for a while. Dolby Virtual Speaker’s sophisticated audio processing technology re-creates all of the acoustic characteristics of multiple speakers in a real environment; instead of experiencing sensory overload, you’ll find yourself enveloped in surround sound that lets you relax and enjoy your music, movies, and TV programs hours longer, in complete comfort.

Because Dolby Virtual Speaker works with any pair of stereo speakers, you can get great surround sound even in small spaces, and with almost any kind of device—PCs, A/V receivers, sound bars, TVs, and portable DVD players, just to name a few. Simply look for the Dolby Virtual Speaker logo and count on experiencing incredible surround sound—with just two speakers—no matter where you are listening.