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Realistic Surround Sound from Two Speakers

Experience stunning Dolby® surround sound just once, and you'll want it for your own listening environment. Not every room has space for the six speakers that 5.1 surround sound requires, though, and not every entertainment device supports 5.1-channel sound. However, with Dolby Virtual Speaker, you can experience exciting, engaging surround sound in just about any listening environment. 

Dolby Virtual Speaker transforms your stereo (two-channel) and 5.1-channel content into a virtual surround sound listening experience over just two speakers. Best of all, it works with any high-quality stereo source, like your TV or personal computer. We're not just talking about expanded stereo performance, either. Dolby Virtual Speaker reproduces the dynamic, enveloping environment of a properly placed 5.1 speaker system in a home theater. What you hear is surround sound so realistic, you won't believe it's coming from only two speakers. As a result, all of your entertainment will sound better and more compelling.

Dolby Virtual Speaker Benefits

Enables realistic 5.1 surround sound from just two speakers

Delivers an accurate and engaging virtual surround sound experience

Reproduces the complete sonic spectrum and dynamic audio of a 5.1-channel speaker system

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