Dolby Digital Cinema Details

Dolby Digital Cinema Details

A Breathtaking Cinema Experience

Opening-Night Quality, Every Night

Most movies projected from traditional film prints lose their luster after just a few showings. The extreme heat of the projector causes the images to fade, wear and tear causes scratches and marks, and uneven lighting only makes matters worse.

Sit down in a theatre equipped with Dolby® Digital Cinema, and you'll notice an immediate difference. Dolby Digital Cinema replaces film with a digital bitstream that delivers a pristine picture and stunning sound with the same premiere-night quality night after night. And fading, scratches, skips, and pops are a thing of the moviegoing past.

Better in All Respects

Dolby Digital Cinema ensures that you see the images exactly as the director conceived them. It delivers brighter colors, vivid details that pop off the screen, and incredible depth and realism. Film just doesn't measure up.

Digital cinema also means more choices for you. Because digital movies are distributed to cinemas equipped with Dolby Digital Cinema via satellite, high-speed Internet connection, or hard drives, operators can always access the latest movies without shipping costs or delays. Better yet, when demand dictates, they can add additional screens with the confidence that you'll enjoy the best possible sound and viewing experience every time.

And digital distribution eliminates the need for traditional film prints. Creating these prints requires intense chemical processing, and once a film has finished its run, most of these prints end up in a landfill. Digital cinema represents a much more environmentally friendly solution.

Proven Dolby Technology

Dolby Digital Cinema is the product of meticulous engineering, exhaustive listening tests, and all the lessons learned in Dolby's more than 40 years of creating audio technologies that have become the standard worldwide. Trust Dolby to revolutionize your moviegoing experience.

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