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A Breathtaking Cinema Experience

Don't you love going to the movies? You sink into the plush seats before a huge screen, the lights dim...and then it happens: you find yourself squinting at fuzzy images, marred by dust and lint; the colors are dull and lifeless; and the scratches and skips are annoying.

That is the problem with traditional film prints: the projected image is never as good as the original. Not so in theatres equipped with Dolby® Digital Cinema. Since Dolby Digital Cinema replaces traditional film prints with a digital bitstream, the moviegoing experience becomes something altogether different.

Immersed in rich colors, you're mesmerized by stunningly realistic visual details that pop off the screen, and are captivated by powerful, vibrant Dolby surround sound. Special effects are breathtakingly real, while scratches and skips are history. Dolby Digital Cinema brings you all that and more—movies reproduced more accurately than ever before.

Choose a theatre near you that's equipped with Dolby Digital Cinema for your next night out—then get ready for an experience so exciting it will leave you breathless.

Dolby Digital Cinema Benefits

Immerses you in the movie experience, with rich colors, vivid visual details, and vibrant surround sound

Ensures that you experience movies exactly as the director intended by reproducing all of the sounds and imagery with digital accuracy

Where Can I Find Dolby Digital Cinema?

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