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Dolby Surround 16

Give your customers the best possible cinema surround sound experience—with Dolby® Surround 16. It’s the most advanced channel-based surround format available to exhibitors in India today.

Dolby Surround 16 Benefits

Cost effective: Provides an audio experience now that is superior to standard 5.1- or 7.1- channel surround sound, plus an easy upgrade path toward Dolby Atmos™. Dolby Surround 16 requires only an incremental investment.

Versatile: Uses content mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos to render a 16-channel mix in the theatre, in a 13.3 configuration. Because a Dolby Atmos mix automatically adapts to the specific playback configuration, audio objects in the original mix become part of the channel-based effects.

Ease of installation: Uses your cinema's existing surround speakers. You will need to add only a limited number of speakers, amplifiers, and a Dolby processor.

Future ready:Easy upgrade to Dolby Atmos.

For further details, please contact Dolby.

Screens Using Dolby Surround 16

Galaxy Cinema, Race Course Road, Rajkot

Regent Fun Cinemas, East Gandhi Maidan, Patna

Mini Rakki, Ambattur, Chennai

Sri Balasubramanian Paradise, Thiruvanamalai

Annapurana Theatre, Vijaywada

Devaki Cinemas, Screen 1 Guruvayoor, Kerala

Thiru Murugan, Ambattur, Chennai

Abirami 7 Star , Abirami Mega Mall, Kilpauk, Chennai

Dolby Surround 16 is available in India only.