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Surround Sound

Surround sound changes the way you watch and listen to entertainment. Conventional stereo uses two speakers to create dimensional sound in front of you. Surround sound uses an array of speakers, placed around you, to create a complete, multidimensional sonic environment. Movies and concerts spring to life. You’re in the center of the action.

Dolby Defines Surround Sound

The first movie soundtracks were monaural (single-channel). Fifty years later, movie soundtracks were still mono. Then Dolby developed the first practical multichannel film sound format, and movie audio has never been the same.

Since then, more than 30,000 movies using Dolby® technologies have been released. Dolby 3D presentations with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround 7.1 sound provide the ultimate moviegoing experience.

Today, Dolby technologies bring the magic of surround sound to you anywhere. Settle in for a feature in your home theater. Watch on your PC. Enjoy music videos on the go on your mobile phone or tablet. Everywhere, you’ll get an unmatched, front-row audio experience from all your electronic entertainment.

Dolby Surround Sound Technologies

For Home Theaters

A wide range of Dolby technologies offer up to 7.1 discrete surround channels and up to 9.1 channels using matrix processing.

Dolby TrueHD high-definition surround sound digitally duplicates the original studio master.

Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) surround sound audio codec is the established standard for cinema, broadcast, and home theater surround sound and takes full advantage of the versatility and interactive capabilities of Blu-ray Discs™.

Dolby Digital (AC-3) is an industry-standard surround sound audio codec that's found on every DVD and most HDTV broadcasts.

Dolby Pro Logic® IIPro Logic IIx, and Pro Logic IIz can create up to 9.1 channels of convincing surround sound from any source, including mono and stereo.

For PCs

Hear surround through your PC’s built-in speakers. Or make your PC the multimedia center of a full home theater system.

Dolby Home Theater® v4 PC audio technology brings full multimedia surround sound to your PC.

Dolby Advanced Audio™ v2 offers a personal surround sound experience through any pair of headphones.

For Mobile Phones

Experience home theater in the palm of your hand.

Dolby Digital Plus brings you the most portable cinematic surround sound.

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