• Whether you make, distribute, or exhibit movies, Dolby innovations help you deliver the kind of experiences that audiences everywhere associate with the best in cinema.

  • Dolby in the Cinema

    The release of Star Wars in 1977 was a defining moment in cinema. One of the many reasons is that the movie's soundtrack was mixed in Dolby Stereo®, a new surround sound format that added to the excitement of the movie. If you saw Star Wars in Dolby Stereo, you still remember the experience.

    Since then, Dolby has continued to advance cinema technology with digital audio, 5.1-channel surround sound, and most recently, Dolby Atmos®, which allows sound designers to place and move sounds anywhere in a theatre with precision.

    Dolby has come to define the best in cinema sound, and every movie nominated for an Oscar® in the Sound Editing and Sound Mixing categories since the late 1970s has been released with Dolby® technologies.

    At the same time, we've dedicated ourselves to improving the visual side of cinema. Dolby Digital Cinema and Dolby 3D deliver outstanding picture quality, and the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor brings the same accuracy and authenticity that we pioneered in movie sound to the way movies look.

    Supporting Your Vision

    But our products and technologies tell only part of the story. Dolby also provides the tools and hands-on help to ensure that you achieve superior results—whether you're a content creator, a distributor, or an exhibitor.

    Our mission—to preserve the director's intent and deliver that intact to audiences—extends across the entire movie industry, and into imaging as well, from content creation to playback.

    Doremi Gutter Tout

    Dolby Acquires Doremi

    Dolby has acquired cinema server leader Doremi, increasing the breadth of our offerings and expertise in the highly competitive cinema landscape.

    Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850

    The CP850 is the complete audio solution for today’s digital cinemas, including new crossover support and it’s now more cost-effective than ever. Contact Dolby Sales for more information.