• Dolby 3D Cinema System Components

    The Dolby 3D cinema system offers a complete, reliable, flexible 3D solution. Dolby 3D system components consist of a filter wheel, filter controller, and Dolby 3D glasses.

    Dolby 3D glasses

    An Easily Implemented 3D Cinema System

    Dolby® 3D delivers realistic color and a sharper, clearer image from every seat in the house. It's easy to install and operate, too.

    3D System Color Filter Wheel

    Dolby 3D adds its color filter wheel to your existing standard DLP® digital cinema projector. The wheel filters the light path before the image is formed, resulting in an unaltered 3D image that preserves both color and quality.

    The rotating wheel assembly easily installs in the projector. For 3D content, the wheel inserts between the lamp and picture element. It can be easily automated to insert when the digital cinema server detects 3D content and to retract for 2D content. This lets you conveniently schedule 2D and 3D features back-to-back in the same auditorium, without the need for a projectionist.

    3D System Filter Controller

    The Dolby Filter Controller DFC100 automatically detects 3D content and synchronizes the filter wheel as the content is projected.

    3D Glasses

    Dolby 3D glasses are durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. The reusable design lasts for hundreds of uses and includes integrated, passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that can be used for tracking, and inventory management.

    Cinema Playback Solutions

    Innovative Dolby cinema products, technologies, and services empower filmmakers and exhibitors to create and deliver richer experiences.

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