Cat. No. 541, DVD Audio Cable Kit

Cat. No. 541 DVD Audio Cable Kit

The Cat. No. 541 DVD Audio Cable Kit contains the necessary cables and adapters for converting the three digital inputs and the main output of the DP569 Multichannel Dolby® Digital Encoder from unbalanced, 75 ohm BNC AES3 connections to balanced, 110 ohm XLR AES/EBU connections.

The kit is intended for use in facilities installing the DP569 as part of a Dolby Digital audio encoding system for DVD, where balanced digital connections to multitrack tape machines and VTRs are required. It is also useful in any facility that requires balanced digital connections for the DP569 main digital inputs and outputs.

The Cat. No. 541 kit contains the following components:

One transformer: 110 ohm XLR male to 75 ohm BNC (Part Number 54059)

Three transformers: 110 ohm XLR female to 75 ohm BNC (Part Number 54063)

Four cables: 75 ohm BNC to 75 ohm BNC (Part Number 83301)

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