Dolby Digital Products

Dolby Digital Products

Learn how Dolby® Digital facilitates DTV and HDTV broadcast transmission and digital radio services.

Partner Products

Acer Aspire 5745P

Find professional products incorporating Dolby technologies.

Dolby Professional Reference Decoder DP580


Assists in the adoption and deployment of all Dolby audio codecs.

Dolby Digital Audio Encoder DP569

DP 569

See our reference encoder for Dolby Digital multichannel audio.  

Dolby Frame Synchronizer DP583


Learn how to sync Dolby E and Dolby Digital audio to your local reference.

Dolby DVD Audio Cable Kit CAT541

Dolby DVD Audio Cable Kit CAT541

Get the cables and adapters you need to convert the DP569.

Dolby GPI/O Controller CAT549


Get remote control functions for the DP564 and the DP570.

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Get hardware support by visiting the Dolby Support Portal.

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