Dolby E Products

Dolby E Products

Use Dolby® E technology for more efficient DTV and HDTV program production and broadcast distribution.

Partner Products

Dolby E Partner Products

Find professional products incorporating Dolby technologies.

Dolby E Decoder DP572


Ease the transition from two-channel to multichannel audio with the DP572.

Dolby E Tri-Level Sync Interface DP579


See how the DP579 facilitates Dolby E bitstreams on 24-frame systems.

Dolby Professional Reference Decoder DP580


Assists in the adoption and deployment of all Dolby audio codecs.

Dolby Frame Synchronizer DP583


Learn how to sync Dolby E and Dolby Digital audio to your local reference.

Dolby GPI/O Controller CAT549


Get remote-control functions for the DP564 and the DP570.

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